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Mount Ontake, Gero-shi, Gifu Prefecture, JP

Photo: Smoke rises from Japan's Mount Ontake volcano - @SHIGAKUKAM


Bismarck, ND

Bismarck, ND, broke 118-year-old record-high daily temperature Saturday with a temperature of 54 degrees - Accuweather


Bolingbrook, IL

1 man killed, another man was critically injured in shooting during post-funeral gathering Bolingbrook, Ill., home - Chicago Tribune


Earthquake hits southern Taiwan, Feb. 5, 2016

Rescuers find signs of life within remains of high-rise residential building that collapsed in earthquake in southern Taiwan - AP

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Golden State Warriors take down Oklahoma City Thunder 116-108, improve to 46-4 - Sports Illustrated

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North Korea nuclear program

China's Foreign Ministry expresses regret at North Korea's rocket launch, calling on all sides to act cautiously - Reuters

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Memphis, TN

Police: 1 person shot at Family Dollar store in Memphis, Tenn. - WMC Action News 5



Italian actor Raphael Schumacher declared brain-dead after hanging scene gone wrong - Variety

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North Korea nuclear program

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon demands North Korea cease 'provocative actions' - AFP

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Memphis, TN

Police standoff at Memphis hotel is over after 12 hours; 2 people taken into custody - WMC Action News 5


Denton, TX

Highway 380 in Denton, Texas, remains closed after 4-vehicle collision that killed 12-year-old boy - NBC DFW


2016 US elections

Graphic: Donald Trump led in Twitter conversation during the GOP debate, after trailing Marco Rubio midway through - @ABCPolitics

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Portage County, OH

Trooper injured during traffic stop in Portage County, Ohio, authorities say; trooper dragged by suspect - @DenaGreer8


North Korea nuclear program

North Korea state media claims it has put a satellite into orbit on a successful rocket launch; US says still assessing - AP

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2016 US elections

GOP candidate John Kasich at debate: 'There should be no unemployment among veterans' - BuzzFeed News

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North Korea nuclear program

British Foreign Office has said it 'strongly' condemns North Korea's suspected test of ballistic missile technology. - PA

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North Korea nuclear program

US Pacific Command: 'At no time was the North Korean missile or the resultant debris a threat to the United States or its allies' - @PacificCommand

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Cam Newton

Carolina Panthers' Cam Newton named NFL MVP - USA Today

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2016 US elections

At GOP debate, Ted Cruz defends plan to 'carpet bomb' Islamic State, saying 'We should use overwhelming source. Kill the enemy. And then get the heck out' - Los Angeles Times

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North Korea nuclear program

South Korea president calls for 'strong' penalties for North Korea's rocket launch - AFP

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